"Lorraine Hilst and John Maguire featured artists at Star office exhibit

By Jennifer Hagan 
Staff writer

KENNEBUNK- From oil paintings by Lorraine Hilst to photography by John Maguire, the offices of the York County Coast Star 
abound with art."
"Having built his career on computer technology, Arundel resident John Maguire takes digital photographs of the scenic seashore.  
His photographs range from tranquil pictures of docks or close-ups of model ships, all in hand painted frames. All of his photographs 
come from the Maine seacoast, most from Wells, Kennebunk, and Kennebunkport. On his personal Web site, Maguire posts 
pictures of Kennebunkport daily, not a difficult task, when you've got a library of about 8,000 photographs, he said.  
This month, he is featuring his top 30 favorite photos. Maguire said the site receives 5,000 hits per week.

"It's what people want to share about Maine," he said. Maguire said he enjoys taking shots of the tranquil waters, ships, and especially,
Maine fall foliage. Very few people appear in Maguire's works because he said he finds candid photography "intrusive." He said he 
uses a digital camera because of the immediate feedback of seeing his photograph on a screen.

"I love the creative aspect," Maguire said about photography.  "Anybody can snap a picture of a sunrise," he said.  But a photographer 
looks for the right angle and how items in the picture interact with each other.

Maguire said he hopes his photos will inspire others to try photography or simply enjoy nature. But the ultimate reward of the art 
is simply doing it, he said. "If people enjoy it, that's great reinforcement," Maguire said.

To view Maguire's Kennebunkport photographs, go to www.mousam-river.com/MUTLEYS/MUTLEY.HTM.

Jennifer Hagan be reached at jhagan@seacoastonline.com."

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