A selective history of computing in the Kennebunks


1986 - I moved back to Kennebunkport after 10 years in Glenwood Springs, Colorado where I did home improvment and computer consulting.

1987 - Bought an Amiga 500, joined and became co-sysop of Harbour Lights Bulletin Board System, Kennebunkport with Rick Lembree. Rick wrote an article for Compute Gazette that appeared in the March, 1991 issue.

1996 - Rick passed away, I founded the Mousam-River Community BBS as a replacement for Harbour Lights. We're 10 years old this year!

1997 - This article about Mousam River BBS appeared in a local newspaper.

1998 - This is a collection of thoughts on Rick, Team Amiga, and more. Mutley's Page first appears.

1999 - I built and set up a number of WebCams in Maine and Vermont.

2000 - This story about the WebCams appeared in the local Tourist News.

2003 - This story about my photography appeared in the York County Coast Star

A few views of the Mousam River BBS:

MRBBS 1998-1999   MRBBS 1999   MRBBS 2000   MRBBS 2001-2005

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