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Sweaters for Dogs: How to Choose the Best

Even in the cold season, your pet can look stylish. Warm and comfortable sweaters for dogs of various styles and colors will create a unique image, as well as warm your pet. So that pets do not lag behind their owners in anything, designers tirelessly develop new collections of fashionable clothes for dogs. Pet Store offers the best dog sweaters and not only.

A good pet store will always offer you a collection of sweaters and sweaters from leading manufacturers in the animal fashion industry. You can choose a light summer or warm winter, classic or vintage, strict plain or reckless colorful sweater for your dog. No matter what breed and size your four-legged friend maybe, you will surely find a sweater suitable for him in size, in which he will be comfortable. Made of soft, delicate, non-irritating materials, taking into account the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the animal, special sweaters warm the pet, allowing its skin to breathe, and also make it stylish.

A Wide Choice of Clothes

And of course, there is nothing more pleasant for a pet than wrapping yourself in a warm delicate sweater, presented by a caring hostess, going for a walk on a cool morning. Dog sweaters are practical and easy to care for. Like any other knitwear, you can wash the sweater with your hands or in the washing machine, along with your things in the delicate washing mode. Also in the Pet Store catalog, you will find other wonderful items of clothing for your pet:

  • footwear
  • hats
  • pants, jackets
  • dresses
  • protective raincoats.
  • hoodies and sweaters for dogs

Warm hoodies and sweaters for dogs provide comfort and warmth, protection from the wind, necessary for the health and full life of pets. Many dog ​​owners of small-sized breeds already consider these wardrobe items a daily necessity.

Sweaters and sweatshirts for dogs are sewn from soft elastic fabrics, so they fit the body well and stretch, without hampering the movements of the animal. The product has sleeves for forepaws and covers the back. The sweater has a higher collar adjacent to the neck and is worn over the head. Sweatshirts for dogs can have a fastener on buttons.

Sizing Clothes for Dogs

It’s not enough to choose a model of a thing; it’s also important not to lose the right size. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to when choosing the right size is the height of the withers, the width of the chest. Also, try to follow these tips:

  1. Measure the dog only while standing.
  2. Try to measure volumes in the widest places.
  3. If the measured data is between sizes, then choose a larger size.
  4. Choose the size, taking into account the model that you choose.
  5. When choosing a size, be guided by the length of the back!

To determine your chest size, measure the widest part of your dog’s chest. Usually, it is located immediately behind the front legs. When determining the size, it is recommended to add 2-4 cm to the resulting volume for a free fit.

To determine the volume of the neck, measure the widest part of the neck. Usually, the girth of the neck is equal to the size of the collar.

To determine the length of the back, make sure that your dog is level, not sitting, not lying. Measure the length of the spine from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. The main parameter for determining the size of the dog’s clothes is the length of the back!