Billiard sports lobby to join Olympics

Some of the world’s top billiard players gathered in Paris on Friday to lobby for their sport to be included in the Olympics held in the French capital in 2024.
The cue sports players had organised a showcase for the International Olympic Commitee at the Eiffel Tower.
Former World Champion Shaun Murphy dismissed that billiard is not physical to be included in the Olympics Games. “It’s not like kicking the football into the goal or hit the ball with a golf club. Billiards sports are, I believe, the most difficult range of sport in the entire world,” he said.
Murphy instead drew attention the sport’s diversity and gender-inclusiveness as it is among the few which allow men and women to compete against each other. It’s not about are you a man, are you a woman, are you a young person, are you a senior, we are complete level sports, Murphy said. Several new sports were added to the Tokyo 2020 Games including baseball/softball, karate, staeboarding, sport climbing and surfing, bringing the total number of Olympic sports to 33.