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Developers Challenge 2019

Do you believe you have the skillset to be a crackerjack programmer? Each year a number of different programming contest and challenges takes place around the world – that you can participate in to try out your skills and learn how you skillset measures in comparison to those of others. It is important to notice that, not only of these competitions are the same and while some of them would only be open for presently enrolled students. Even the prizes offered by such contests and competitions may differ. However, participating in such challenges is a good way to know where you stand and where you need to improve more.

  1. Code Jam

Code Jam is a global coding contest, conducted by Google each year, wherein developers and programmers from all around the world put their coding skillset at the test. Developers and programmers are required to solve a series of algorithmic puzzles online. If the competitors are able to successfully pass through all these puzzles, they can earn themselves a spot in the finals. The prize money for the winner of the competition is USD 15,000.

To be able to participate in the competition, you are required to register for the Code Jam event. The registration is open until April 7, 2019, with the world finals being held on August 9, 2019.

  1. Call for Code

This is another programming contest which takes place every year. And building on the success of previous year contest, the Call for Code Global Challenge 2019, is open for a team of programmers, designers and subject matter experts to build solution can improve preparedness for natural disasters and provide a solution for accelerated relief, as and when they happen.

The grand prize for winning the competition is USD $200,000, along with the opportunity to meet investors for potential funding for their solution to the problem. The challenge started on Feb 12, 2019. However, the submission date for the initial draft is open from March to July. The final submission will end on July 29, with the winners being announced in October 2019.

  1. CodeChef

This is a different type of programming and coding competition that has been sponsored by Directi. Directi is a non-commercial website for budding programmers, who want to become the best developers. CodeChef contest is open to anyone around the world and challenges happens on a monthly basis.

The contest also includes numerous programming problems that the competitors can work on and solve to the best of their abilities. You can complete these tasks in any one of the 35 languages, you know. As you can on and solve problems or complete tasks one after the other, you can earn points that will allow you to increase your CodeChef rank.

  1. HackerRank

This is another challenge that programmers from all around the world can participate in to showcase their coding skills. The prize you might receive is not high in comparison to the call for a code of code jam from Google, but you can sure win an iPad, with a chance to get a job at dream companies like Quora, Facebook, and others. The website has a number of different contest listed, which you can choose from depending upon the date of registration and your specific skill set.