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Top 3 Reddit Best Antivirus Review

Due to an increase in viruses and malware threats, there is a need for a top-quality antivirus tool to get rid of them and provide top protection to the system. The antivirus tool is required so that the users continue to step up their games and get online security protection. No doubts there is a plethora of antivirus software in the market, and the choice of best one is a tricky challenge.

Don’t worry! We are here for your help as we have some compelling choices for antivirus software. We discussed and compared three best antivirus for Windows 10 Reddit software in terms of security, protection, reliability, and speed.

Avast Antivirus

The Avast free antivirus software receives top marks for malware and virus detection from AV test. The tool can remove malware and viruses to get back your system under control after the attack. The Avast antivirus Reddit software monitors your computer and also inform you about any unsafe WiFi network and also offers Avast password manager.

In case you want to protect more than one device, you can guard 3 computers starting at $80. You can block spam, recognize shady websites, phishing emails with Avast internet security tool. Avast email signature is another compelling feature of the free software.


Avast antivirus review Reddit tool has compatibility with Android, Windows, and Mac operating system. The software comes with numerous product features, including Password manager, Virus detection capabilities, Malware scanner, and Gaming mode.


Reddit users approve that Avast free antivirus software is driven by Artificial Intelligence to protect your devices from malicious malware and viruses. It also Wifi and passwords. It provides reliable and real-time protection against ransomware, Trojans, viruses and any other malicious malware without slowing down your PC. The software will not affect the speed of your laptop or computer.  

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus software is the top pick in 2019 that boast more than 500 million users and provides a complete feature package. The tool operates on the Windows operating system and covered maximum 3 devices. It has strong ability to protect against ransomware. Its features include remediation, optional VPN, Privacy tool, and safepay. Bitdefender scores high ratings from the AB test and AV comparatives.

Bitdefender antivirus software is direct to use, and the installation process is very straightforward. Before download and installation, you need to create an online account with an email address. The tool only protects three devices without extra licenses. The software only operates on Windows 10 devices. It is also resourced intensive while running, which is a weakness for less robust and older systems.


When it comes to security and reliability, Bitdefender is the top pick. It is because Bitdefender is high ranked for all its malware and virus detection and removal capabilities along with its useful and efficient performance features. You will have peace of mind with Bitdefender as its protection and security features work automatically to identify and remove any web advisor, URL filtering, viruses, firewall, and any other malware.

Avira Antivirus software

Avira software efficiently secures our PC against Snoop, trackers, Trojans, and blocking online spies using the robust Tracking blockers and AntiSpyware. Avira also offers security cloud technology, antivirus scanner, Avira password manager, email protection, smart artificial intelligence, self-defense system and Avira intelligent security system that inhibits all virus and malicious malware from PC by deactivating and modifying your sensitive files in your computer or laptop. 


Avira antivirus is leading software for removal of malware, protection, performance improvement, and detection of all the online security threats. The Avira antivirus tool is associated with an exclusive Artifical intelligence and armored Guard that will perform real-time PC protection as whenever you stream, shop, surf, bank or download on the internet.


Avira antivirus software will have zero effect on the performance of your computer or laptop. It will not slow down your computer since it will guard your PC against any unintended internet downloading from installers, adware, and hidden toolbars that are responsible for cripple or slow down of your computer.

Pro’s and Con’s of top 3 best antivirus software



Avast will have minimum impact on the performance of your PC

​It provides incredible protection against computer viruses


The privacy settings of Avast antivirus are very irritating

The free version of Avast involves some links to the paid components



Provides an option for integrated VPN

The subscription involves regular updates

It includes a password manager facility


It requires an online account

The software can be resource-intensive



It will have o impact on the performance of your laptop or computer

It will deliver on fantastic virus detection charges


It involves an installer that shows Ads which promote other products

Avira is associated with lots of popups while running


If you have a question in your mind like Avira or Avast? Or Avira vs Bitdefender? This comparison will help. Avast provides more security-related features as compared to Bitdefender and Avira. Tests have proved that all three antivirus software offers excellent protection against malware and viruses. Bitdefender is proved best in terms of impact on system performance. Avast provides a less complicated interface that Bitdefender and Avira. Bitdefender products are less expensive than Avast and Avira. Avast is the most popular antivirus software of all the three software.

Our Recommendations

Bitdefender is the best choice if you want the best security and performance of your system. It is protecting over 500 million computers throughout the world. Bitdefender can protect more than five devices such as Macs, PCs, and smartphones with only a single license of this suite. Bitdefender Family pack is the right option for you if you have more than five devices.