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Vipre Antivirus Review

Vipre antivirus is the fairly new product which is in the market that combines antivirus, firewall protection and anti-spyware for the better quality security offering. It focuses on security of a computer dumping all features which are unnecessary. When you?re installing and opening Vipre antivirus, you only see the protection and the scanning options. There is no performance optimizations or other features which are normally added to increase value of a software. It is straightforward which make your computer to be safe.

With the Vipre antivirus review, tt is simple which means it shows the great results during the lab tests and can detect to about 100% of the threats. So, choosing Vipre antivirus, you are assured of being protected from any malware or virus which you might surf the internet.

With real-time protection beside data theft and snooping, protection for a web camera, passwords and microphone will be totally safe from any harmful materials. And if you?re doubting, you will get the free trial version which is for 30 days to see if it is fit for your expectations and requirements.

Malware protection Vipre antivirus is the great fighter against any malware. It has high recognition score which is 99% of malware during the tests as the scanning do not take long. Adding to it, it can delete all captured harmful software by totally cleaning everything in it.

To ensure the users will not catch the viruses, it has the real-time scan which will protect you against phishing and keeping you away from the websites threats. For instance, it can scan the Facebook feed to ensure it does not contain any harmful links.

Scanning option You will choose between the quick and the full scans. Likewise, you may schedule them by setting the weekdays and the time when you need the software which will scan the system. It’s very convenient because you will choose a time when you are not using the computer.

The Vipre antivirus allows custom scan too. You may check what is being scanned like: ? running programs; ? cookies; ? windows registry; ? Archived and also compressed files. ? Rootkits;
You can even select a particular location. You can select whether you need to use the Vipre Rapid Scan Technology which increases the scanning speed. You may choose software to close the computer once you have scanned it.
Ease of use Since Vipre antivirus does not have many features, it’s relatively easy when using it. Even a novice computer user will not get confused with an interface of it. Starting for the installation process to the setting up of a firewall, everything becomes simple and structured. It’s hard to see any issue when using Vipre antivirus.

Download and installation There is the official website for downloading and installing Vipre antivirus. All that you are required is the
email address to a provider, and then you will have the installation file. Once you have opened the installer the first thing you will see is a request of the license key.

If you?re only trying the antivirus, you will only click Next, the free trial version will be shown. If you have the license, you need to enter key in a required field. When the program is being installed, the interface will give you current status of antivirus and the protection features.